Feeling Stuck? Here’s an Effortless Way to Get Unstuck

The Incredible Power of Small Changes

One of the reasons why we feel like we’re “stuck” at times is because we believe we must make big changes all the time and every time. Whether it’s in our professional or personal life the thought that changes don’t have to be big doesn’t seem to come naturally.

The result is that we’re stuck (or so we think) and may decide not to do anything or just feel overwhelmed. Things appear overwhelming so we don’t do anything.

We just wish. Sometimes we wait. Other times we hope.

It may be that we’re stuck in a very comfortable routine and a change from that brings up all sorts of fears. So how do you get through these situations?

How to Achieve a Breakthrough

One way is for you to realize that the force of inertia, that is the tendency of bodies at rest to stay at rest, will keep you exactly where you are unless you do something. The good news is that the “something” doesn’t even have to be related to what you want.

Go on and use this approach yourself and you’ll be amazed as you experience a shift in your consciousness and your results that you’ve never experienced before.