Are You Not Living Your Dreams Because You’re Living Your Fears?

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Are you one of them?

Fear is…

Fear is the absence of faith. It’s a very powerful emotion. When we fear something we find it easy to create images in our mind about things that could go wrong and cause us pain.

Apart from developing self-confidence and increasing your level of faith, knowledge is one of the best ways to defeat and overcome fear.

I realized this when I stepped out on my own to become my own boss. After failing 3 times in a row I had to decide to either get the knowledge I needed or pack everything in, admit failure and live a life of mediocrity.

Giving up on my dreams to live a life of silent desperation and what I considered to be mediocrity wasn’t an option for me.

I set out to find the personal growth and business knowledge I needed to use to overcome my personal weaknesses and my fears of both failure and success.  That’s probably the main reason why you’re able to read what I’ve written here and why I am living my vision of being able to change lives and help people live a better life.

To help others slay their own dragons of fear in their life I create coach people and create training programs and courses that change lives. If you feel like you’re not living your dreams because you’re living a life constantly focusing on your fears then I invite you to check out Courses That Change Lives now